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promaintain was founded in 2006 by master scaffolder Gerhard Hawemann and mechanical engineer Thomas Berger. During their former careers in the process industry, both founders were confronted with quality problems, delays, exceeded budgets and safety deficits in projects and turnarounds on many occasions. All these incidents could have been avoided with intelligent, forward-looking, implementation-oriented planning and work preparation.

In principle, the “promaintain method” mirrors the project in process like a digital twin. For many years, the practical application of the method has been providing customers with smart, anticipatory planning, risk reduction and improved quality, thereby benefiting all parties.

Thanks to the diverse experience gathered in many decades in scaffolding, project and shutdown management, promaintain not only comes up with comprehensive solutions for most challenges but also enables a high degree of transparency and exemplary safety standards.

The combination of practical experience, technical expertise, stress-proof routine and sound understanding of all types of work at the construction site makes promaintain a reliable partner for customers and the on-site personnel, from complex investment projects to the shutdown of a small plant.

Apart from the more than 30 staff members, the directors of promaintain still personally manage shutdown and new construction projects for renowned customers in the process industry. For more than 25 years. With great success. And – what’s even more important – with very satisfied customers.

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