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Shutdown- and project management

Synchronising planning and execution

Our statement: good project management anticipates most eventualities.

Relevant expertise means you can take into account even the least obvious issues right from the start, at the planning stage. We tackle any challenges that materialise along the way, sometimes with rather unconventional solutions. In addition, our high technical competence, design-oriented mindset and longstanding industry experience help us coordinate resources efficiently and prepare detailed, comprehensive project plans.

As a result, we are perfectly prepared for on-site implementation. One of our basic principles is to cooperate proactively with all parties and include all trades in the workflows from day one.

Not only does this boost efficiency in ongoing construction or maintenance processes, we also guarantee smooth processes as far as possible and higher safety on the construction site. Our customers and trade partners also appreciate the fact that one of our managing partners is on site during most project stages.

promaintain areas of activity:

Existing plants: maintenance / plant availability

  • shutdown
  • routine maintenance / turnarounds
  • optimisation, revamps and upgrades
  • recommissioning
  • dismantling and scrapping of plants

Investment projects: CAPEX / OPEX

  • new plant construction (greenfield)
  • plant expansion (brownfield)

promaintain services:

  • shutdown management
  • project management
  • conventional and innovative scaffolding management
  • consulting
    • feasibility studies
    • building surveys


Ask us to assess the feasibility of projects that are already planned or include us in the review of completed shutdown measures. We will prepare all necessary surveys for you and help you achieve maximum efficiency and safety in your next project.

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