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Identifying optimisation potential

promaintain consulting: benefit from our knowledge

Given our long-term, diverse experience in shutdown and project management for the process industry, we are fully to analyse and assess the planning and workflows on other construction sites. In our role as consultants, we help you find potential flaws and point out the potential for improvement.

What planning tools might help, what steps must be considered, how best to organise your resources? How long will work take and how much will the project cost overall? We give you the answers you need, develop a project guideline that is tailored to your project, including milestone planning that enables you and your team to carry out your shutdown or maintenance works efficiently and smoothly.

Our consulting services support you in many fields including

  • cost-conscious purchasing and resource organisation
  • efficient cooperation with the trades involved
  • reliable deadlines and budgets
  • consideration of all relevant safety standards

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